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Gator Gill LLC
Plant City ,FL.



We want to welcome you to experience the Gator Gill Diving System :

For those of you who are new to hookah style diving or you are an experienced scuba diver we have made this so affordable and easy to use. In the past companies have monopolized the market. We produced the Gator Gill so it is affordable for most anyone without compromising performance or              quality.

Before purchasing any hookah diving system you should ask key questions about the product you are considering :

  • Does the dealer actually use the diving system they sell. How knowledgable are they about their competitors product
  • How many CFM's does the compressor produce. This will make a differnce in the amount of air each diver receives
  • Does the diving system have filters. If so how many and how do I care for them.
  • Are the lines stamped Air Breathing 
  • What is the recommended battery / how do I calculate my alternative power source
  • How versitile are the components of the dive system 
  • Dont see your question in the list just give us a call and we will be more then happy to address your question.


Your Affordable Hookah Diving Dealer :

The Gator Gill 12 volt surface air diving system is a great alternative to SCUBA tank diving . All of our systems come with triple  points of filtration to give you a clean particle free air on demand experience . We offer a free yearly inspections and a free starter kit with each Gator Gill Hookah System purchasted. We are Eco-friendly and do not use petrol engines as a power source . Our oil less 12 volt compressors are designed to give you maximum long lasting performance . The Gator Gill can be customized to fit all types of vessels from kayaks to yachts. We highly recommend becoming educated on hookah diving safety prior to using this or any other type of  hookah system.

Our Services Consist of the following :

  •  Free Yearly inspections on your Gator Gill
  • Complete 12 volt diving packages or buy a' la Carte
  • Retro fits for most hookah systems to adapt to the Gator Gill
  • Scuba to hookah conversions 
  • Air supply line reels , parts and assesories
  • Friendly customer care , all at an affordable price.
  • All equipment is new. No refurbished or factory seconds.

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                             For your own personal safety the Gator Gill Diving System is not recommended in depths greater than 30 feet deep due to                                                                                                                                              atmospheric changes in depth 

We highly recommend getting educated before you use this or any other diving system.  Please follow all safety protocols that apply to scuba diving.  This system is for recreational diving purposes only.

Due to the nature of the activity this equipment provides we do require you to accept and agree not to hold Gator Gill LLC liable for possible injury or death.

                                               Shipping Available within the Contiguous United States  /  Backed by Years of Hookah Style Diving Experience